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A Solution to Steam's Problem

I've been racking my brains trying to come with a solution to the issues I raised with Steam a few days back and I think I've got it.

Steam Certified.

Here's how it works. Someone from steam actually plays the games that go on the store from start to end. They then mark the game on certain criteria.

  • Is it finished?
  • Does it run well on many systems? (Wouldn't need a full playthrough for this, just checks to see if SLI makes the game implode etc.)
  • Is it mostly bug free?
  • Etc etc.

If the answer to all of these questions is a yes then the game simply receives a "Steam Certified" logo next to it's name. Something nice and obvious so it stands out. Quick mock up a go-go...

Mock up 1

And then on the front page...

Mock up 2

This way you can see what's actually worth playing. (I know GTA V rocks but as we have no idea about the PC port yet it doesn't get the symbol.)

If you miss out on being Steam Certified then you can re-apply for it after a patch is released. Hell, Steam could even tell you why you didn't make the grade!

This way we get better games, a safer shopping experience and a curation system that can't be bought into (Brand deals. Brand deals everywhere...) all for the low low price of steam actually spending a bit of their cut.

Sounds like a plan right?

Now on to the other issues.


I think that covers everything.