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The epic season finale to KnightHood and Decoy with a new supervillan... Nightsnake! BUY KnightHood & Decoy tee here: Be a hero - SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► Check out our Facebook ► MORE KNIGHTHOOD & DECOY: Your friendly neighbourhood superheroes: Superhero Stand-In: Check out Nightsnake. Sorry, NerdCubed: STAY CONNECTED: Check out our Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► For BONUS videos go to ► ABOUT KNIGHTHOOD AND DECOY: Every city needs its superheroes. Unfortunately for London, it has KnightHood & Decoy. Nothing can stop these masked heroes in the execution of their duty. Well, perhaps maybe if it's raining badly. Or if they're totes knackered. And I mean if MasterChef's on, forget it. Not to be confused with Batman and Robin, who are awesome... or Thor... Or Superman... or Spiderman... Or Hulk... basically none of The Avengers. ABOUT THE MULTIVERSE: The Multiverse is the Home Planet of Scripted Geek Entertainment. For fans of Sci-Fi, Superheroes, Paranormal and Fantasy, The Multiverse is home to a sorting hat-full of original series and short films, from spoof comedies to cutting edge science fiction and fantasy adventures. Captained by Fleet Commander Warwick Davis - legendary star of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hitchhiker's Guide, Willow, Jack the Giant Slayer... who's looking to bullseye more than a few womprats.