NerdCubed: The Site

Second Channel! Nerd³ Twitter! Nerd³ Site! I cannot recommend you go and get this game enough! First, it's made by a wizard. It's all in flash but there isn't any lag. Seriously, It keeps its framerate even when there are 30 odd physics objects and a giant boss on screen at at once! HOW?! Even Binding of Issac lagged out with 4 monsters in a room! Second, it's as good as Contra, possibly better. The modern physics and mouse aiming making a lot easier to play too but not easier to complete. Thirdly, I've never seen such a high quality final boss. Never. The way it moves, the way the battle goes, it all comes together to make a breathless and really hard encounter that is completely fair and utterly mind-blowing. You NEED to fight this thing at some point in your gaming life. Now go play it. That's an order. :) Intrusion 2: Intrusion 2 Demo (Online Version): Intrusion 1 (Full game online): All Music is in game music. It makes me want to take a wolf to people's faces.