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Vlog Channel now up! My Twitter! My Webcomic! 29 videos in one as I finally collate my Machinimas! Enjoy! :D Links for mobile users... Timeworn Trailer The Human Refinement: Episode 1 The Human Refinement: Episode 2 The Human Refinement: Episode 3 Split '79 Teaser Generic: Gratuitous Action Scene Generic: Sketch Show Generic: Disappointing Sequel Generic Grand Theft Auto Accidents Grand Theft Sonic Liberty City Cinema Presents: Loss Liberty City Cinema Presents: Subway Fear Liberty City Cinema Presents: The Fight Liberty City Cinema Presents: EXPLOSIONS! EXPLOSIONS! EXPLOSIONS! Pokémals: Pilot Pokemals - Episode 2 Jumping the Getalife Building The Escape Niko Vs The Flying Traffic of Doom GTA IV Tilt-shift Grand Theft Hitman Trailer The Chase Mayhem Daedalus Assault 42 Ways to Die in Saints Row The Third 42 Ways to Die in Minecraft 13 Ways to Die - Skyrim 13 Ways to Die - Mass Effect 3 13 Ways to Die - Assassin's Creed Revelations Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod Theme: "Danse Macabre - Low Strings Finale"