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T-SHIRTS! Dad³ Channel! Second Channel! Nerd³ Twitter! Nerd³ Site! Interesting question posed by modern gaming. When the hell do you review something? Games come out in Alphas sometimes years before launch nowadays and Betas can last weeks or months. Most places are just reviewing the finished product as is and thats fine but now we have PAID Alphas and Betas. What now? Surely a review is to tell you if you want to spend your money on it or not. What good is a review 8 months after you put money on the game? With all this in mind I've decided to start "Nerd³ Early Plays." Videos about paid Alphas and Betas. If you can pay money for an unfinished game I'll review it with this title. Please note that these video reviews will say whether or not the CURRENT Alpha or Beta build is worth your money. These are NOT about the finished game or what the game may become. If there are significant changes I will review the game again in a "Nerd³ Plays" video. That's all. :) Game Link: End theme by the incredible Dan Bull: All other music is in game music. It makes me want to start a new series.