NerdCubed: The Site I'm taking a video out to celebrate the release of Minecraft this week and the wonderful people behind it. I know that not all of these guys worked on Minecraft but they are a team and anyone with a jnkboy avatar got added! :D Minecraft has completely changed my life. It's let me run a webcomic, do these videos and have thousands of people read and watch my stuff on a regular basis. It helped me leave my job and actually run the life I want to. Plus it's made me really terrified of the dark... :p Thank you guys so much. *Raises a Glass* TO MOJANG! Build Specs: 11,655 blocks (185 x 63 blocks) 12 + Hours planning 5 hour build in one go. (With a few jumps where connection was lost) Download the Map! Be sure to comment on what you think of the time-lapse style. Should I bring it into my normal lets plays? Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod Theme: "Danse Macabre - Low Strings Finale" Building Tracks: "Long Road Ahead" "Celtic Impulse"