NerdCubed: The Site Episode 3 of a Minecraft tips and tricks show! Episode two nearly doubled my subscribers! I think you guys like this show. :p This time we explore the deepest caves in the minecraft world in the search for ore! Need to know how to find diamonds, how to not get lost in mines and what exactly does the inside of the minecraft world look like? Well look no further... Also, due to technical difficulties (AKA Computer messing up footage) the next let's play is delayed a little. Instead here is some nice music. Hummmm huummmm la la laaaaaa! Seed: 7917706442049213032 Co-ordinates of the big mineshafts: x: -330 y: 80 z: 117 Be sure to ask questions in the comments! Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod Theme: "Danse Macabre - Low Strings Finale"