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Here is what got me so angry. Oh and I got Mike Davidson's name wrong thanks to a typo in the above article. He knows who he is. :p Since I recorded this Boris Johnson has cycled to the rescue and blocked these adverts. I expect a bunch of Anti-gay morons to cry about loss of free speech. Well, you know what? Hate speech is not Free speech. Telling an entire group of people that a core part of who they are is actually a psychological disorder is wrong. I'm sick of these Christians shoving their straight lifestyles down our throats. They should go to their own clinics and fabulous-up a little. :p Imagine if this wasn't sexuality. Imagine this was race. Imagine an advert on a London bus saying "Hey black people, you can be white now!" Race is as integral to a human being as sexuality so let's start treating it that way. Let's all just be awesome and froody to each other. Anyone who thinks they are better can just leave. Ta. Anyway, here are the other links I said I'd add. Day of silence information: The Frank comic (not vlog like I mistakenly said) I was on about: Gaming Channel! My Twitter! Webcomic! Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod Theme: "Plucky Daisy"