NerdCubed: The Site


What is this place?

This is the Site of the Gaming YouTuber and ego known as Nerd³.

How do I use this site?!

This nice young man will tell you here.

RSS Feeds?

Yes! Nerd³! Dad³! IRL! Words!

Do you read emails?

No. I have someone who does that full time and passes the best of the best over to me.

I'm an Indie developer! Will you play my game?

Maybe! Send game codes or what have you to if you'd like me to possibly have a look at them. I'm way more likely to give it a go if it's finished or very near finished.

Things we need to know, or your game definitely won't get played:

  • Name of the game
  • Code or download
  • Website
  • Brief description

Business people!

Ok, so I don't really do business. I don't like sponsorships or gifts or awards or any of that stuff. Chances are this email will be eaten by my email reading monkey but hey, if you want to try then it's Good luck to you.

People looking for the Comics!

Download them here.

Business Info


Registered Office:
4th Floor International House
Queens Road
East Sussex

Do not send anything to this address; nobody will receive it.